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#270113 - You said your priorities were Pedophiles and Prostitution, the Inspector said, Have you any ideas what to do about prostitution? One or two, I says, Careers advice, see of a girls pug ugly it's no good her going on the game, yet if she's gorgeous what the fuck is the point in going to university and doing Law for seven ears as she can make more on an hour on her back than she ever will a lawyer? I don't know about that Johnno, Tony said, They see's you coming mate! They comes running when I flash the cash, I said, But I been out meeting the girls and listening. Uh, what colour knickers are you wearing, the pedo asked. You total moron! Inspector Head screeched, For gods sake man this is a pedo line sting! Sorry sir, said Jenkins in his Welsh lisp, I forgot, automatic it is see.

Read Suck Cock Himono Elf, Kozukuri o Suru. Tattooed Himono Elf, Kozukuri o Suru.

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I got one for you
Black lotus
Yukino yukinoshita
Fuck i love briannas feet there fucking perfect
Garen crowngaurd
Looks like fun
Yoshiko tsushima
I thought so hehe x