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#411409 - I was getting up as i saw something i never seen before He just stood there, and then he got my his knees I'm sorry aunt Angie he said with his head down She grabbed his cheeks and squeezed them You should be! How dare you talk back to me?! And with my friend here! Amanda seemed as shocked as I was Angie took a deep breath and stroked Zac's hair with her hand Now get to work, same as always My brain did not function. Angie and Amanda left the room after 20 minutes. A loud scream filled the room Not mine! Amanda's! Yes! Im coming! Ahhhhh I took the chance and let myself go My hands were so wet from my throbbing pussy i shrieked Masking the sound of my orgasm with Amanda's We were both coming My orgasms just kept coming It's been 30 seconds before i could stop When i was done i noticed the screams changed, it wasn't Amanda now It was Angie She held Amanda's head tight to her pussy and screamed in pleasure Mmm yes keep going, be a good girl she said between

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