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#380692 - When I woke up I was covered in sweat from the night and Geoff asked if I was ok and I just replied that I had had a bad nightmare, he just shrugged his shoulders and left to play soldier, as soon as he was gone I got out of bed and went straight to the fridge I picked up the two carrots and just looked at the cucumber wondering if I should or not, I put my hand down to my lips and realised how wet I was, I took hold of the larger end of the cucumber and held it up in front of me with my other hand I guided one of the carrots to my lips and only gave a small push but being wetter than I ever had been a good few inches went straight in my legs clamped around my hand and carrots as the sensation surprised me as I relaxed I pushed a bit deeper and then felt the second carrot pushing its way in again I shivered and clamped my legs waiting for the come down and as I did so I pushed both carrots in without trouble until my fingers were brushing against my soaking pussy, I was still sat on my

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