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#225701 - Now since i couldn't finish my breakfast a certain Irish stud needs to feed me something else she licks her lips before dropping to her knees and giving my head a long kiss Sure that's why you're on your knees i pet her hair as she takes the head in her mouth and licks around it she smirks and decides to stop playing and deep throats his dick and playing with her own at the same time while lightly massaging his balls. After finishing my business i move to the kitchen and see my lovely girlfriend sitting and lazily eating an apple while listening to music on her headphones. She turns around and pulls down my pants exposing my cock in one swift motion before giving it a few strokes luckily mine is just as high Lets strip first i forgot to do laundry last night so i don't want to get these dirty just yet' I say as i remove my shirt and throw it across the room before kicking my pants to the side You always forget she teases before removing her shirt letting her boobs bounce

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Masazumi honda
This is sooo hot i wish i was in her place i would love to get eaten out like that
I hope the boss doesnt see this
Nina williams
Love the cat pole nice tits btw
As real as jesus
Kiriha kuze
Agora sei o que eu quero na minha vida uma mulher assim