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#250987 - later that day i was in my room on my laptop starting to do the project then my IM BOX opened up it said where do you live i typed back who is this he typed Nathan you idiot , then i wrote i'm not telling you he wrote i want to come over to start the project i was skeptical about the whole thing but i was at home this was my territory not his , school was his , so i typed in the address about fifteen minutes later i heard a pounding at the front door i jetted down the stairs and i stood there pondering if i should open up or not i wasn’t scared of Nathan at all i found him intimidated but i never backed down from him that’s a reason why i think he picks on me he is 6'2 and i am 5'10 so he stood tall over me but i never back down from him and i think he has a problem with that hay Matt i can see your shadow through the glass its cold out here, it is November you gonna let me in i opened the door he came in thanks , he handed me a bag what is this i asked

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Takatoshi tsuda
Awww thank u so much baby