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#209539 - But she did not have time to deal with their situation so she said, Hi! Bye! Leonard smiled, waving, the large box landed on Raj's foot, Howard laughed, dropping his end and screaming in pain as if the one hurt most won, he half fell on raj in an awkward position of 'ride the horsey'. Chapter 1 A penny for your thoughts A customer slipped a fifty dollar bill into her pouch and softly tapped it, Penny withdrew, creeped out by the man's sudden outburst of indecency. Making her way to Bernadette, Can you believe that guy? What a- I know! Bernadette exclaimed, want me to infect him with syphilis? Her cute figure bouncing like a deceptively cute cartoon as she sauntered away for her remaining table for the night, penny looked around, an expression of confusion, realization and finally disgust as she redundantly replied, eww the image was a bit much, her hands gesturing randomly in circles, causing her breasts to bounce a little.

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