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#36763 - The hole time she was looking at me looking for approval from me I told her if you want to go for it! See if he’s into a 3 some maybe we all could have some fun? Well a few days later she said That’s nope on the 3 some! She them told me that He was kind of a scared of me lol. wondering what was going on are they still talking or if my wife was getting necked or kissing him or there making out or what ? MAN my mind was racing was she blowing him or him eating her freshly shaved pussy out or they just started fucking? or what??? then I saw someone walk by and bush then Curtin’s so I guess they weren’t at it yet.

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Fujiko etou
The best body i ever seen omg i can fuck her and die
Aika kasumi
O girl u make it look so good