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#161409 - So I sucked off really fast and hard, that he didn’t last two minutes and he told me that he cant hold anymore, so I took the dick out of my mouth and held it close to my face and stroking it really fast till he came all over my face, and literally his load was really huge that it covered all of my face. So I started wiping it out with my fingers and licking them, eating and enjoying every last drop of that delicious cum. So after having a quick snack I went to bed and fall asleep really fast, about 30 minutes later I was being waken up by a nice taste on my lips, when I opened my eyes it was our friend trying to put his cock into my mouth, he took me by surprise and as any other normal straight guy I panicked at first, I mean it was really weird for me, I looked at him and said man what the hell is this all about!! And so he was like man please ive wanted to do this for a long time now, but I just never got the right chance! I don’t know what came over me that moment; maybe it wa

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