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#320181 - After a few moments of slow pumps The Oldest Bear lowered himself belly to belly with Goldie ten started moving his hips with all his strength; thrusting his dick hard in and out of Goldie as he watched with delight in his eyes while Goldie sucked on The Older Bear’s dick. “Yahhrrh!” Goldie groaned out as The Oldest Bear started push his long, thick dick right into Goldie’s ass, and as Goldie writhed in the pleasure the pain caused him The Older Bear took full advantage of Goldie’s wide open mouth and begun thrusting his hips slowly making his long dick slid in and out of Goldie’s mouth. Goldie left Blackhaven and headed home, when he got to the edge of the woods Goldie hesitated staring into the mouth of forest thinking fondly about The Three Bears he met in the forest before deciding to travel around the edge of the forest to get home The End.

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