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#139093 - Moving on after this girl there were more girls here and there over the year saying they were gonna bang me and sending me nudes but here i am almost a year and a half later still a virgin im about 3 months away from turning 15 and still haven't been kissed since kindergarten so you could say im having a slow start to my world of kinky fuckery. I was talking to this girl she had a crush on me well of coarse back then a lot of girls wanted to bang and date me but i just wanted to bang which is exactly what i told her she then told me her friend said she wanted to bang me i was really excited her name was Tiffany i had no idea what she looked like but at this stage i was more than desperate to bang a girl i was even considering banging a cat witch was weird she was 1 year younger than me thats the only details i had of her but we arranged the 3 of us to meetup at my house when mum wasn't home , in the next couple of days the day of the meetup arrived i waited for th

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