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#306475 - Ahhh … Now for the finale… Girl u aint ready for this… Just stay by my side as u watch the fireworks go out… Its like new years eve in here… Look at you breathing all heavy… Come here and give me a kiss… I told u I’ m the baddest sexer… Now let me get some ICE cubes and whip cream… U ready for round 2??. And no baby I won’t stop… I can go on all night… I see u getting all wet … That pillow definitely aint working… coz u r defiantly waking the neighbours up right now… But its all good… I love hearing ure voice… Ure ******* are all hard Ure ***** is all wet… Jus how I like it girl and ure legs all shakin… I told u I was the baddest nigga Now I m comin back up… Now how deep do u want me 2 go… I ll whisper in ure ear… Baby how u like this position… Ma body on top of ure’s… My **** buried deep inside of u… Now this where the real shit begins… spread them legs wider baby… Oh yh just like that Slowly kissing ure lips… slowly biting ure ear… I no that’s what u like

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