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Hot Women Fucking Haku Zange - Kannagi Sexcam

(こみトレ13) [PLUM (かん奈)] 白懺悔 (かんなぎ)


Parodies: Kannagi (27)
Characters: Zange (11)
Languages: Japanese
Categories: Doujinshi
22 pages - Uploaded
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#22861 - It’s a beautiful spring morning and you wake early to the sunlight streaming in through your windows, you stretch and rub the sleep from your eyes, turn over and glance at the bedside clock hoping it’s not too early, but it reads 5. Its gentle humming like a love song to your ears, you first put the tip onto your nipple which seems to react like its been hit with and electric current sending a wave of ecstasy through your tits. You get out of bed and go to the bathroom and run your shower, go to the loo and clean your teeth, by which time the shower has come up to temperature, you step in and feel the fine jets of warm water wash over your body, mmmm that feels so nice and refreshing, gently soaping your arms and legs working your way to your breast and as always your nipples are tingling and hard, and as always you gently rub them, taking the hard nub between your thumb and middle finger and just everso slightly squeeze them, it makes you shiver in anticipation, for you know you won

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