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#360180 - “So what you’re saying is you’ve never even touched a boy’s cock before?” I asked “No, I’ve tossed a boyfriend off before but nothing else. Now one day I stumbled upon Sam in town and she was just sat on a bench looking down, I approached her and asked What's wrong Sam? You seem upset That's cos I am She bit angrily Jack and I are through and so are my chances with Dan Well why? What's happened? I asked Because I wouldn't put out for him he dumped me and she began sobbing heavily. “OOOH,” she gasped “Ummm,” That feels great and I pulled her shirth away from her arms and dropped it to the floor as i allowed a hand to drop from her face down to her breasts massaging her bra and fondling those small 22 Bs in my hands as I slipped my hand underneath the red material and felt her warm skin of her nipples touch my hand as i pinched her right one.

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