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#16543 - As Jan stood her legs wobbled and she held onto me firmly, the look in her eyes said it all, as she kissed me and said that was by far the best yet, I lay her down, then stood over her, my piss streamed out onto her face and hair, as others followed suit, Jan lay mouth open trying to drink some fluid to replace the fluid lost in her orgasm. As we walked near the girls, guys had them held high, toys fists and cocks in any hole to be seen, both now in a sexual bliss, didn’t seem to know who was doing what with them, but didn’t car either, I lay down with both arms up and told the guys to lower them onto my arms, as they held them by the arms and legs each dropped down onto my fists, the guys lifted and lowered them onto me, Jan was lost, her eyes blurred as the guys let her drop, with one loud plopping noise her ass hit my elbow. Steve had everything set up, he said 7 pm was start time, and for us to drop our stuff in the house out of the way, both girls naked walked around pat

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Kurumi tomonaga
Waoooo me corri tres veses con ese hermoso co o y tus gemidos mmm que ricod
Mio sawada
Ugh i wish i was her
You re too sweet thank you so much
Megumi noda