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#316489 - I'd be bonin' every minute, my corncob always in it, screamin' out her name I'd be suckin' on her tit, while I'm rubbin' down her clit, if I only had a dame I would whip her with a lasso, lick her little asshole, makin' sure she came I'd be playin' with her boobs, while I'm shaving off her pubes, if I only had a dame now, I could tell you why my dick would be so red cuz for hours & hours she would give me head, and then I'd come & come again I would lick her little twat, hit the g-spot, make her go insane I'd be always penetratin' even when she's menstruatin' if I only had a dame. .

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Lily hoshikawa
I want to try anal games like this