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#165658 - Anna pulled away from the big breast just long enough to ask, Are you wet, dear, do you want me to suck your vagina for you!?! Now panting loudly, Britt just nodded her head yes, and spread her legs wide apart, waiting for her teacher to put her mouth on her now trembling sex organs! Still a little embarrassed at her size, Britt gingerly spread her hefty thighs, and with them spread wide apart and her skirt hiked up around her waist, the hot mouthed teacher pressed mouth against the panty covered pussy while a line of moisture was easily visible through the nylon fabric, a sure indicator that Britt was highly aroused and in dire need of an orgasm! The mere pressure of her mouth on Britt’s crotch was enough to make the young girl moan and beg A?}?nna to pull her panties aside and eat her dripping snatch, but before she did that Anna asked sweetly, What do you call it, dear, vagina, pussy, cunt, crack, what do you call it, tell me!?! Britt gasped at the thought of Anna’s mouth

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