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#218907 - Clean I finally turn off the shower and move over to the pool before slipping in and laying back to soak. ” Her eyes widen then she starts to blush. Chapter Seven The Tomes of the Hallowed Dead Death goes by many names; to the humans he is Thanatos the grim reaper, To the Kaire he is Ramshagroth the Great Death, To the Luy'cain Namsrato the Deliverer, to the Earthen Urogalan the Protector, the Sidhe call him Ceannladir the Eternal Shadow, the Tresios call him Shhardir the Great Sleeper, the Sslevic call him Janous the Silent, the Sanguine call him Valkek the Severer, the Ramgir call him Yurtrus the Rotting One, The Aquifar refer to him as Asgir the Keeper of the Falls, the Draconic call him Chronepsis The Watcher, both the Agleo and Decona have no name for him they only refer to him as The Final Dance.

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He is everything
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Who s the first one i need his name
It s the bad acting with stupid expressions for me
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