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#44720 - Soon a knock came to the door, Tina jumped up ran to the door, and stood behind it opened the door Dave stepped in and Tina closed the door dropped to her knees and pooled Dave’s COCK out. After getting dressed we talked and Tina said she would like to do this again but next time she would like to add one more person and old coworker from her old job. Then Tina started to SUCK my COCK again and Dave started to FUCK Tina after about 15mins Tina took my COCK out of her MOUTH and said I need Two COCKS put to me I need to know what TWO COCKS fill like so Dave pulled his COCK out of Tina’s SOAKED PUSSY.

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Bruh that guy needs to shut up
Masane amaha
Alg chongjiuwanshil