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#113742 - As his hands reached her perfect pussy mound I pulled a syringe from my belt, but this one wasn’t filled with the knock out drug, this one was Cyanide, I stuck the syringe into the back of his neck and squeezed the plunged, as I took a step back, Max started to turn round before collapsing into the back of the van, I closed the doors, pulled a U turn and started heading for my real destination. As we drove across the secluded landscape, I told Max I had to stop as I had to go to the toilet, he pulled over by the side of the road and I got out and walked to the back of the van, out of sight of the rear view mirrors, after a minute I shouted to Max “Do you want to see our catch?” he jumped out of the van and around to the back doors, I opened the doors and stood back, Jennifer was lying on her back, her teddy had ridden up to reveal a perfect pussy, which she had obviously just shaven, her head had fallen to one side and there was drool running from her pouting lips. When I retur

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