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#81069 - Dave picked up the laptop with a smile on his face his trick to mess with Trisha’s computer had been right at the target. “I love this thing of yours, It’s magnificent, the best cock I have ever seen and you were hiding it from me, you dirty boy” she said in a childish voice and naughtily slapped his chest. She got to her knees “Now its my turn to please you sweetie” and she took his cock in her mouth licking the tip at first and then went licking the underside of his cock all the way to his balls and back gently, she licked his balls and sucked at them, took his ball sack in her mouth and messaged his giant cock which seemed perfectly normal in her big hand, then she came back to the head kissing it gently, took it between her lips and covered it with her saliva jerked it up and down, this made Dave’s cock hard as a rock.

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Kudo gai
Love this more natural look
Who is the other girl in the beginning
Minawa andou
Mami muy bonita la historia y estas deliciosa