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#293713 - After I lick and suck both my step sister’s pussy I help each one shower and dress they are both off to school I go to my step mother who is mad because it took he so long she tells me that for now on come to her first after making her cum three times I am cleaning the kitchen when the doorbell rings it’s the doctor who has me take my clothes off in the dining room and get on the table he begins looking at me down there he ask about my cycle and puts his finger in me and tells my step mother that I am a virgin and he gives me a shot and tells her that he will be back in three months and that he wants to fuck me and I am scared he takes his dick out and stands by my head and tells me to suck him off and then I feel my step mother put her mouth on me she is sucking pussy hard and fast and the doctor tells her he needs to fuck one of us she raised her dress and he gets behind her and I am shocked she makes me cum over and over when the doctor leaves she tells me that if I say any thing sh

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