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#288002 - I told Grant we were going to have to get him alone so I could get him to fuck me, Grant smiled saying he had thought about a 3 some with him, so why not. Now it was time to turn up the fun, telling Alan to lie down I sat over him, sliding his cock into my pussy, and got Luke to fill my mouth, Grant knew what to do, as they built up speed, he slid behind me, his cock now working my little brown eye, then with some spit it slid in, Alan felt his cock push against his thought the thin dividing skin wall inside me, his eyes lit up, Grant began his onslaught ripping my ass apart as he pounded deeper each time he pumped into me, Luke lent forward to watch his brother fucking my ass. After awhile I moved forward, turning to allow Luke to slide his cock into my pussy, he quickly took Grant’s place his cock much the same size went right in balls deep first push, my mouth now found Alan’s meat, oh yes, this was worth eating too, fully grown it was beautiful, a full 9 inch cock and a n

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