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#230554 - I hadn't stayed at my aunt's for many years; she and my uncle had a large, rambling property in the West Country of England and my visit was not out of choice, it was a necessity. It seemed a few really dull weeks were likely, especially as the first weekend found me too short of money to even scrape the train fare home. Firstly, Fiona, who seemed to have lost about twenty pounds in weight in my absence making her appear drawn and skinny rather than the full-figured girl I first fell for, gave me rather a cool instead of warm welcoming home, and announced that she had got a great new job with an American publishing company and would be working in New York for several months, starting immediately; and secondly, and equally depressingly, a mere 24 hours into my leave I got a call from my ship's captain outlining the charming fact that in one month I would be skippering a motor patrol boat between the dangerous Iraq-Iran waterways for at least six months, and that as fr

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Alice wishheart
U have a future in my bed if porn doesnt work out
Rikou takitsubo
Nice interview i wish she can interview me too
Sailor uranus | haruka tenoh
What is your biggest fear