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#387225 - After talking to her husband for a few minutes, Cathy went into the kitchen to wash her hands. That's when Anthony chimed in and asked: Not even a little bit? No, hun, I'm big enough as is Cathy answered Next up was Mike, who nervously asked, Well, exactly how big are they? That's if you don't mind sharing. Cathy said as she watches the boys visually examining her breasts First Jon answered and said, 48-DD Next Mike answered, 46-DDD Finally, Anthony answered, 48-DDD To which Cathy replied Nope, nope, and nope! You're all wrong Then Jon asked again, Well, what size are they, mom? Well, maybe, I oughtta pull 'em out, and give you boys a better visual? Cathy replied All three boys were now sporting rock hard erections in their pants, as they waited to see if Cathy would actually show them her massive melons.

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