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#262450 - ” Kim shocked as she was now picturing a womb just so full of cum that it expanded and not only is it just cum it’s dog cum! “How umm. do you know what breed they are?. “Yeah thank you so much!” Kim pusher her pretty hard as she was slowly inching out as she suddenly popped out! Kim cheered as she started to stand up as she opened the back door and to see Abbie still on the ground! “What’s wrong!?” Abbie’s not able to move her arm that was stuck feeling that it was dead asleep and her legs still tried from being stuck in their knees! “My arm is asleep and my legs are tired!” Kim kept looking at her and she realized she need to be covered up with a blanket! Hang on I’m going to get a blanket I’ll be right back!” Abbie smiled as she rested and watched her in a hurry to get a blanket from her house! As she was gone spike started to walk over to Abbie not really sure who she was! She was a human for sure and.

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