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#339645 - Some times when having sex one of us would talk about what we called safe fantasies, they were the ones that included one or more people in them, these were the fantasies that would never happen or so we thought, Some times we would go for a drink, we would pick a different pub each time, my wife would go out some times with no knickers on and when we’d get in the pub she would lean over and whisper things in my ear like “hey babe guess what, I have got no knickers on” right away I would get so turned on I would say “come on then duck are we drinking up” I would park up on some country road in the middle of know were lift her skirt up and rub her running wet pussy she would undo her top and bra and let those lovely big breasts out to play. Jan said to me “ I don’t know have a look I got up and looked in “wow” look at this duck you wont believe it, there was a big room with a stage at on end a dance floor in the middle and tables all around the sides of the room you couldn’t see to

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