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#225338 - All you proved is that you can pass off as your brother Spitenmier said, Who died in a terrible car crash he added, What are you gonna do with him, I mean her Jack said looking down at the face of the man he though he knew, We will be having one last live demonstration and she is it, by the end of this class she will be riding this spit He said holding up a spit he had personally selected for her. Jones or you fail this class Spitenmier said and Jack sat back down quick, Yesterday after the graduation ceremony for Mr. The rest of her class walked into Spitenmiers classroom as they had done a thousand times before but with one strange difference, Jason was chained to a table in the middle of the classroom still in full uniform and a red baal gag in his mouth, Hey prop, what’s up Jack Jones said gesturing to Jason bound to the table, Jack was Jason's best friend and though it odd to see him like this, Mr.

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