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#262010 - After coffee I checked the house and shouted time to go I stood at the front door and they all pushed past me and ran to the car, Normally Kelly would jump into the front seat today however Lisa was next to me I made sure they were all strapped in and started to drive away, On the way we dropped Toms friend of making sure he got in his mother came to the door and waved us off. He sat with me while the girls came back we exchanged small talk the kids brought the drinks over to us they had also fetched a pie for us they sat opposite to us in the open concourse I didn't think anything of it until I noticed Lisa fidgeting as she lifted one foot up to the bench and her dress rode up flashing her pussy at all who wanted to see, she splayed her legs wide everything was open to view, she started to look round, I heard a couple of lads behind me snickering I looked round and was astounded to see not just the lads looking a few other people were including a couple of women one of which sm

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