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#169359 - I know she caught me that day but that only encouraged her further to tease me and upon entering her room i saw just how saucy the little minx truly could be. Ryan stood at 511 and was moderately handsome like myself but was skinnier than me at the time, now, i wasn't muscular, but at the same time i wasn't chubby. When she dopped her underwear i approached and fondled her lustious breasts and started to stroke her moist, juicy pussy, and slipped one finger at a time into her until i had three fingers inside her, finger fucking her to an orgasm litening to her moans and gasps and occasionally muting her by sucking her lips with such ferociousness that she could barely get a breath out before moving down her body biting on her rock hard nipples teasing her further before she pinned me down and ripped my trousers down and taking my shaft in her mouth and sucking as fast as she could engulfing the full length of my erected member which currently stood at a full 7 inches.

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