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#208246 - leon even i sore your face at school everyday before i came out i new i liked you and i new i wanted you. i opened my eyes to harvey really goroug face and his eyes that when i looked into them i knew how much he loves me i looked at harvey smiled and said you break my heart and i will kill you i said with a smile yes i will marry you harvey he jumped up and hugged me i said to him in his ear i love you so much dont ever hurt me harvey still holding on to me really tight wispered back there isnt any worry of that happeneing i love to much to hurt you babe me and harvey must have hugged and kissed for a long time because when we had finished the tide had come in and it was time for us to go home to lett eveyone about this amazing day that we had just had together to be continued. i love you when the sun come up till the break of a new day.

Read White Chick Oishii Toshigoro - Delicious age Storyline Oishii Toshigoro - Delicious age

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