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#323363 - I had already dispensed with her hymen a few days before, so I sunk easily into her slippery depths … I was still amazed at how tight she was though … FUCK – it felt like my dick was in some sort of cylindrical vice! She was right about ‘needing’ to be fucked – within a minute of me plunging into her no-longer-virgin pussy, her breathing (or should I say ‘gasping’) quickened, and she panted “OH CHRIST … I’M GOING TO CUM IF YOU KEEP DOING THAT!” Needless to say – I did … and so did she! Rather than carry on pumping into her, ever the Gentleman, I pulled my juice-soaked dick out of her and, kneeling forward a bit, I wanked myself off so that I came, shooting my load all over her budding tits and stomach. “Get fucking dressed and piss off … I’m busy” then seeing the hurt expression on her childish face, I softened somewhat “OK – I’m sorry … thanks for letting me shag you – but I really must get on” I felt doubly-bad when she stood up and reclaimed her clothes, to see tha

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