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#127666 - what the hell is this I can't move Brian says frozen in his chair I can't move to daddy laura asks afraid of what is gonna happen when James walks over to her your birthday present is that I have chosen you to become one of my sex slaves he says standing in front of her as he sees her eyes widen in fear what is this some kind of joke ?! The father says as James keeps standing in front of her no its not he says as he turns around looking at his slaves sluts strip and lock the door it's time for the fun part he says smiling . He started to think what he could do with his powers and slowly starts to test them making him higher from 60 to 63 and back to his normal hight , he made his cock from 11 inches to 15 to test if it could work he let it go back to 11 because he didn't want to break his slaves when he pounded them as he looks at his slaves working he starts to think if it could work on them as well . He smiles as she walks away looking at her ass knowing someday he

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