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#412650 - I am so horny right now I would love Dale to get home I thought, I wouldn't even mind having some of Josh's cock in my mouth either, what am I thinking I'm a married woman and although I'm horny I would never do anything like that, would I? NO! Got to put my mind to something else. Matt's Mom walks into kitchen and Josh tells Matt he's getting another beer and then follows her into the kitchen, after some small talk Josh turns on the device as looks at her Sarah, there is only one thing on your mind and that is sucking dick, there is nothing you want more than slurping up some warm cum Josh then turns of the device and walks away. Josh knowing how much control he had over her said i dont know how do i know you really want it? This sent Sarah into overdrive she knew she needed his cum and gave the best sucking she has ever given and said please Josh I need it, il do anything this was enough for Josh as he let rope after rope of cum enter Sarah�

Read Gapes Gaping Asshole 二次元コミックマガジン 百合催眠Vol.1 Bucetuda 二次元コミックマガジン 百合催眠Vol.1

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