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#195442 - “You know I do think they are dirty enough Lindsey” Kathrine said as she went over to the bed and pushed Micheal flat on his back, Lindsey walking over and doing the same to Josh, admiring his cock, and getting wet at its size. “Oh god Josh I came Ohhh, so Ahh, hard!” Lindsey moaned as she felt her orgasm subside, her pussy was so sensitive now though and the 8 inch of cock that was inside made it so hard to try and not cum right way again, she wanted to hold out a little and enjoy the feeling of the hard cock inside her but that was not going to happen. Micheal looked at her sexy naked ass it was high in the air and round, perfect really, her breasts were hung down, a big set of 42D orbs adorned by large hard nipples, she was a goddess.

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