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#122292 - She took his 8inch looking dark meat thick as her wrist up in her body while I stared in amazement and deep erotic arousal and saw the little girl impale in his dark weapon to sink down all the way and held with her thin legs over his big arms and placing her bum low down with vulva wide open for her perv to stroke her deep and full yet slow and hard till she cried out with tears and pain in his shoulders and had him concise her like his child with such paternal love and emotion that she began calling his daddy. He rolled my hips around to loosen me up further before seeing twenty minutes left and stood up wih me to hold up hanging off his body loosely and stroke his shaft up into me deep and full while I cried like a baby before him: I begged him to marry me while the pills ok ivr and made me scream out I love him more than life itself and want him forever which he said he will do tonight and went in deep to roll his head inside my young womb like a glove of love over his dick making

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