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#138938 - All that I am about to reveal to you now about something I have spent many hours contemplating if I should reveal to the world, well at least those who enjoy reading all the sex stories so available all over the internet. Something happened that had not in all our lovemaking; she began to squirt all over my hand and herself. So over the next couple months and much effort I think I had Dylan close to being ready to cross her next hurdle, letting me share to woman I love, the woman I made my wife, the woman who was now about to cross into something all parties involved would have to be kept to ourselves as because none of us wanted to jeopardize Dylan’s TV career, But once we indulged in this everyone involved will crave this and more, and there will be nothing to stop us.

Read Best [Takasugi Kou] MM2-gou Ch. 1-5 [English] [desudesu] Suckingdick MM25

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