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#148182 - Was that it? Two minutes of frantic fucking and it was over? What about me? I enjoyed the two minutes alright, but shouldn’t I at least have had an orgasm too? Peter pulled his cock out and climbed from the bed. After a few minutes lying on the bed I decided to have a bath. After being abused, insulted, bullied for ages by almost everyone, including my own brother, it now appeared that I wasn’t the ugly duckling anymore - so long as I took off my horrible thick specs and all my clothes I would be transformed into this awesome beautiful swan! It was a revelation that Jack had discovered for me and I wasn’t going to let it go! If it meant being unable to see the world clearly but have the attention and love of boys my glasses and my clothes just HAD to go! I only ever had a bath from then on when my parents were out and I deliberately left the bathroom door unlocked, hoping that Jack would come in and enjoy my body again.

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She is so tan and cute love how willing she is to be whipped to
That underwear looks so good on you but without it is way betyer v