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#262433 - I was speechless over her. I (David) went to a private highschool when I was 17, I was transferred from a public school after I got suspended for the thirtieth time, I was angry I had to go to the land of the preps every morning until I met Rain, she was beautiful, her skinny fit body after long hours of swim team and soccer, her small round breasts, and her long straight brown hair with bold bangs covering her huge brown eyes, she had a little mouth with cute crooked teeth. We went out for another year until we graduated, we both had the best sex of our entire lives, and fucked everywhere we possibly could.

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Renka ma
We gotta continue too do too these white women what white men have done too us black folk for thousands of years fuckin em
Rin tooyama
I would love for u to cum on my face