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#101242 - He starts to walk towards me and says “well, we have done a lot today princess, that is without a doubt, but there is one more experience you must share with me, I promise you, you will never forget this, today princess, I am going to fuck your ass, and you, princess, are going to enjoy it”, I jump up and I start to run to the door, I am screaming now, knowing he will slap me, he does worse than that, he punches me in the face and knocks me out. I’m in so much pain now, I’m begging him to stop, he keeps pushing deeper and then with one hard push and the sound of suction, he’s whole huge masculine hand is buried wrist deep into my pussy, I scream and he slaps me with his other hand, I shut up and then he starts to fist me, I’m hurting so badly now, he starts to pinch my nipples with his other hand, pulling them and pinching them so hard, my whole body was aching beyond words. I open the door and leave.

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Sanae katagiri
Nice pussy beby