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#264971 - Nursing home adventures When I was young I had always wanted to be a Nurse, being a strong 18 year old male without formal schooling it was always going to be a battle, I had been turned down by all hospitals offering student programs but was told if I had a few years in aged care it would look favourably on my next application, so I went to a few different nursing homes looking for a job. Then my fourth cock for the night approached, it was obvious that he meant business, he approached my face and showed me his rigid cock, it was 6 inches long and had grey pubic hair, he leaned forward and said if you do a good job tonight that he would let me enjoy his wife in the next few weeks, he then returned to my arse he kissed and rimmed me making my arse feel very loved, as I was starting to enjoy the delicate treatment he then slowly lined his cock head up and slowly pushed it inside me, he let it rest for 30 seconds then started to fuck my arse, what I didn’t know was he had taken a

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