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#85136 - I had been seeing one married woman named Wilma on and off over about a year, (I tried to avoid continual relationships as I had had a very possessive woman that caused me a great deal of hassle early on and it was not a experience I looked forward to repeating, so “happily” married women looking for fun on the side were the order of the day), anyway to get on with the story one evening after Wilma and I had had been screwing she asked if I might be interested in doing a favour for a friend of a friend of hers, “tell me more” I said, so she then went on to say that her friend was to be chief bridesmaid at the forthcoming wedding of her best friend, apparently a list had been written of things the bride would like to do before tying the knot, one of the list items was to have casual sex with a clean well hung guy and my name had been mentioned as a possible candidate “Is she ugly” I asked, “ No she is quite attractive slim and petite, just your type really” Wilma replied, “Who is she?”

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Mikhail blanc
You make me sooo hot
Stella bremer
Like her in leather
Yoshitaka nakabayashi
Use sugaring