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#131239 - I took one of the horse’s while they showered, my ass had been a bit quite tonight as most guys seemed keener on Jan and Joy’s actions than bi sex, but with a big horses cock pounding my ass, I was happy, and soon felt his cum flood my bowels, a few guys then used my ass to empty their balls saying how hot it looked seeing my ass filled with horse cock too. I told him tonight, we could get the girls to put on a lesbian show, then let a dog fuck each of them, before letting a horse fuck them too, as one could fuck a dog next to the other with the horse, he liked that idea, and we set up a smaller bench for the dog fuck, near the main bench. I knew this had to be hurting Jan but there was nothing we could do now until he cum, her eyes were shut, gallons of fluid squirted out of her as she had orgasm after orgasm, so at least she was now kind off enjoying his cock, then with the loudest snort yet he let fly, Jan moved up the bench as his cock jerked so wildly inside her bowels, u

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Fuu hououji
When you are all done gonna need someone to help me get good at apex legends i play on xbox either aussie or oregon servers add brighttundra1 and we will get some dubs for real satisfaction
Dr. mundo
Hehe thanks
Kirie motoba
Love how creamy that kitty gets