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#362621 - He slowly walks towards me and then unexpectedly, he slaps me across the face, the power of his slap throwing me across the room, I hit the wall hard and fall down, I can’t believe he hit me, I stand up trying to get away from him, I start to run to the door but he grabs me and then throws me on the bed, I am so scared now, what is he going to do “I warned you my lady, I told you to leave, I know what you are, I have heard the tales of the whore that you are, sleeping with soldiers and generals alike, I gave you a chance to leave, you chose to stay, and in this room, it is I who dictates, not you, you are the one who will shut up and you will see what I am now, because I am about to do things to you that I assure you, you will never forget”. I start to shake my head “no, please no more, let me go, I can’t take anymore, please, I will leave you alone, I won’t tell anyone what occurred here, I promise you” but he just smiled that smile.

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