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#84847 - Danny handed me my drink and said another shot was in order. Just as he withdrew his still hard cock (Iwas amazed at his staying power) Danny started fucking my pussy first slowly until I was completely wet then he picked up the pace and gave me the hardest fuck of my life and I was louder than the book on tape girl as he brought my body to orgasm after orgasm. I had my ass high in the air and he was fucking me downward and I was lost in a state of euphoria as he continued to pound away at my body I was screaming for him to fuck me harder and harder and he had to stop and take off his belt because his baton kept the seat interrupting his rhythm when he put his belt in the floor of the car I noticed his gun and the sight of that shining black metal sent me over the edge and I had my final collapsing orgasm of the day.

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That was hot and it made me laugh lol
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