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#185438 - There was nice soft music playing when Jim asked Carol to dance, he took her in his arms and all 6ft- 3ins of him towered over Carols 5ft-4ins her head coming somewhere around his neck as she snuggled into him and started to kiss it, he in turn started to grind his penis into her belly button, he smiled over at me as I gave him the thumbs up, he slid one of the straps of her shoulder, bared her left breast and stooping to take a nipple into his mouth, He got off to a good start as Carol loves having her teats sucked and really gets turned on, the other strap soon followed and her dress slid from her fantastic body to the floor, by now the dancing had stopped and Carol now wearing a very shear pair of panties was busy undoing Jim's pants which joined her dress on the floor, she gasped as her hand went into his boxers and pulled out a huge prick I guessed to be at least 9in long, I could not believe how small my wife's hand looked around my Bosses cock which seemed to grow even

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Some of y all moms should ve don t that instead of rawing it with your dad
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