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#90276 - Finally it stops for a minute, but you say your clit is getting warm, then hot, and finally burning the sensitive nub till you feel it start to blister, then again it switches between your winky and clit. The two wires are now run up to the blatantly erect clitoris at the top of your slit, and wrapped very tightly around the base and tip, in opposite directions so that the ends come together at the top, with 10mm spare, that she sticks under your clitoral hood, lifting it clear of the bound shaft. This time, however, the screen showed a high res picture of a pretty young girl, with an enormous cock stuffed into her straining pussy, and a flashing caption that read “You have been fucked!!” She couldn’t get it to close, there was no menu, no X in the top corner, Alt F4 didn’t work, task manager wouldn’t load, and none of the shortcuts she knew made any difference.

Read Hot Women Having Sex Kanwakyuudai 0.8 Kiss Kanwakyuudai 0.8

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Shouko nishimiya
Anyone know the name of the hentai at 22 10