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#185107 - So how do u like the new pad the hunny i said oh my god it's perfect dad just perfect. I lay her down on the bed in front of me and started kissin every part of her face then down her neck then back up the other side nibbling on her ear befor working my way down towards her nipples kissing and licking all the time as i reached her left nipple i began to lick kiss and suck on it wile i had my hand on the other nipple rubbing tweaking it squeasing till it was as hard as the one in my mouth i then switched kissing and lickin down the inner side of her breast and back up the other one till i got to the nipple wich i gave the same treatment amy was moaning softly and her breath was starting to quicken by this time giving out little squeak every time i squeased her nipple between my teeth or finger and thumb after what seemed like hours i started to work my way down her body again kissing stokeing and licking until i reached her slit i could see she was flowing with juice at this poin

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Severus snape
The girl is really hot wow
Man she is so hot
Olor kudenbru
My wife did this before we started dating now i kinda want to see her do it again