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#385328 - ” “Thank you. I guess that it also didn’t hurt that I didn’t have any reservations about them being black, while, although for the most part they kept it quiet, considering that the McPhillips twins were big enough to kick the ass of anybody in our neighborhood, a lot, even most, of the guys in our neighborhood did, and looked down on them racially. After what seemed like hours, but probably was not that long, a black guy I had never seen before came in,, his face looked similar to Dannell’s and Darnell’s but older, not as lean and, for lack of a better word, harder.

Read Swallowing 【周一连载】与岳母同屋(作者: 橘皮&黑嘿嘿) 第1~28话 Stepfather 【周一连载】与岳母同屋(作者: 橘皮&黑嘿嘿) 第1~28话

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