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#296991 - I’m not going to do this to Jason” I say, “fuck Jason…no better yet…fuck me, and leave Jason to his own, he has his playthings, besides…he’s nothing to me” she counters, and sinks to the shower floor, wraps her hand around my cock and starts licking it and talking to it…”so big…. I spent the next couple of days getting ready for the trip, faxing papers back and forth, securing the licenses I needed, I asked Janice (my neighbor on one side) if she would mind watching my place for a few days, Janice sent Denise over (I had had a wonderful time with Denise and her friend Charlie). Her body started shaking like she was having convulsions and she tried to scream with my cock in her mouth, it came out like “rwaaaaaaaaaarrrr” then I thrust my tongue as deep into her as I could, her hips started gyrating on my tongue, my cock plopped out of her mouth as she screamed “oh fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck” I smiled inwardly, started lapping at her clit with my tongue, and started fucking two fingers

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Soga no tojiko
I love how they cut the cumshots out like lol jokes on you i nutted within the first 3 seconds
Alice nakiri
Name brunette