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#59035 - When I pulled into the garage and headed toward the kitchen, I yelled at my wife, “Marge, has the paper boy come yet?” She replied, “No, but he eyes are glassy. I watched with fascination as Marge stroked his chocolate meat stick, pumping his cock and gobbling all the cock she could get into her mouth, almost to the point of gagging. Tom was breathing hard now as Marge cleaned his cock and she was smiling at me, amused at the way my lips were pursed closed tightly, holding the liquid treasure she so badly wanted.

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Nice job
Yekshemesh vernice
Hey man i know what it s like i ve been feeling the same way lately it feels like the whole world is against you and wants to fuck your life up daily somehow but i promise if it ever gets so bad that you wanna end your life go to sleep wake up have a new perspective also talk to someone i lost my best friend in 2018 and all i regret in my life is not knowing what he was going through you ll make it man people do love you